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The Complete Creative Writing Course

Top-quality creative writing courses at the Groucho Club in Soho, London's well-known literary venue, and at nearby premises. The Complete Creative Writing Course has a range of courses to suit your individual needs, from beginner to intermediate and advanced levels, and weekend and summer workshops. Classes are held on week day afternoons, evenings and at weekends, and all our tutors are experienced writers and teachers.

Original Courses

A series of inspiring sessions which illuminate all aspects of creative writing. Through discussion, exercises, and example, this course will teach techniques, give you insight into your creative process, and encourage you to achieve your writing goals.

Intermediate Courses

Designed for those who have attended a beginners' creative writing course or started writing fiction, this course will focus on developing character, improving dialogue and descriptive writing, handling point of view and building a narrative.

Advanced Courses

Developed for people who have already attended classes or embarked on a writing project, this course will inspire you, deepen your understanding of fiction, help you to shape and structure your work, and give you feedback on work in progress.

Weekend Writing Workshops

For people who have a writing project, our two-day weekend workshop weekend is designed to take you forward with writing prompts, exercises, group work, reading and some feedback.

Intensive Summer Workshop

For writers at all levels, a week-long workshop with writing prompts, group work, reading and feedback. We will focus on generating work and taking your writing forward, giving you a dedicated time and space to get ideas on paper, or finish a story or chapter.

Manuscript Reading Service

We will critique your short story, synopsis and three chapters, or complete novel, analysing your writing in terms of style, plot, narrative structure and pacing, and addressing issues such as point of view, characterisation and dialogue. One-to-one sessions with a tutor can also be arranged.


Maggie Hamand, course tutor and founder of The Complete Creative Writing Course, has written Creative Writing For Dummies which is a useful background reading for our courses.

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